Who we love to work with!

Our forest is growing and our social ecosystem more rooted in the local spaces we travel and play in. We, as in all the volunteers, are worker together and collaborating to create safe, intergenerational learning environments across the Pacific NW. We are learning from the best practices and alignments cultivated here among and with relationships across Multnomah County through Hillsboro and Beaverton and cutting across Portland and Oregon City to Seattle and Vancouver WA (and other places too!).

We're drafting and updating as we go! Next update will have more of our social ecology up with official logos, copy and links so it's easier to see how we are developing a strategy for program development and sustainability. Maybe a pintrest board for game education PDX and community technology groups!

We are finding allies and shared inspiration with:
Student Alliance Project
Cafe au Play
Oregon Mentors
Oregon State University
University of Portland
Portland State University
Multnomah Youth Commission
SUN Schools
Portland Development Commission
Portland Geek Council
Free Geek
The Art Institute
Independent Publishing Resource Center
Community Leadership Summit & OSCON
Retro Gaming Expo
Girls Get IT & Hillsboro High School
Right Brain Initiative
Startup Weekend
Game It Forward

We are finding supporters, collaborators and informal partnerships with:
Game Design Academy
The Portland Indie Game Squad
Pacific University
The Stumptown Syndicate and BarCamp Portland
Outdoors School
Tinker Camp
Saturday Academy
The Portland Area Game Developers Interest Group
Innovation Academy, Franklin High School (Tech for Tomorrow)
Charitable Partnership Fund
University of Oregon
SUN Cradle to Career Collaborative
Community Development Program, Portland State University
Multnomah County Library System
Lewis & Clarke

We are in pilots and program partnerships with:
Portland Youth Builders
Rosewood Initiative
Free Arts NW
Tech for Tomorrow and the OGPC
The Portland Metro Stem Partnership Collaboratory

We are advised and guided by:
CauseIt, Inc. (team and leadership systems)
MotiveSpace (property development and participatory community)
Zero Strategist (digital strategy and data security)
Open Source history, practices and visions of collective freedom, creativity, and autonomy
Safe, intergenerational learning environments through Youth-Adult Partnerships
Social bonds through community organizing and collaboration
Social and economic equity to increase access, support and resources
Making together, creating together, playing together, learning together

Our 501(c)(3) fiscal agent is:
TechStart Education Foundation

We hear about many amazing, wondrous people working together and hope we meet soon:
Hands On
Minecraft EDU
Play Maker
L.A. Game Space
Dames Making Games

*Oh my, sticky notes everywhere, and there's more; updates soon.