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Pixel Arts offices are located at:
Collective Agency
322 NW 6th Ave, Suite 200
Portland, OR 97209
(415) 317-0509

For more information about sponsorships, programs and partnerships, please contact:
Co-Director Jeffrey Sens

For information about game education, events and the game camp, please contact:
Co-Director Will Lewis

For more information about volunteer opportunities and internships with Pixel Arts, please contact:
Volunteer Coordinator Kristin Micohn

Current Opportunities with Pixel Arts:

Indie Game Expos: Show your games as part of the Game Education and Creation Initiative (GECI) among communities like the Retro Gaming Expo, OMSI and Design Week. Through live play events, game makers can develop a local marketplace for testing and iterating their project. Please contact Will Lewis for event planning and upcoming opportunities.

The goals of the expos is to support youth-adult partnership that create greater prosperity and economic resilience in Oregon and the Pacific NW. Please contact Jeffrey Sens to learn more about the Game Education and Creation Initiative and our program to support entrepreneurship through crowd funding, micro-loans and sponsorships.

Game Camp, July 27 & 28th 2013 at Portland Youth Builders
Help create a 2 day intergenerational, playful learning experience in video games and community making for middle to high school age participants.

Learning Designers
  • help create modules in art and animation, computer science and design. May-July
Learning Mentors
  • help guide participants during the modules. July 27 & 28th.
Program Aides and Dosens
  • help facilitate the camp and create a fun and safe experience for all. July 27 & 28th.
  • help design our media and contact schools, businesses and community groups. June-July
Sponsor Relations
  • help us create access for all youth by developing sponsorships and donations.
Community Development
  • help create innovative collaborations by connecting us with your organizations, agencies and community groups.
Administration and Program Support
  • help build Pixel Arts as an organization for social good.

We will be updating enrollment information in June. For more information, please contact our camp coordinator.