Welcome to Pixel Arts Game Education

We have opened enrollment for our 1st Youth Game Camp. Please visit our new site, Gameeducationpdx.com. We will be transitioning materials to the new site as we continue.

Thank you for supporting us and helping us reach this milestone!

Pixel Arts is a non-profit association that open sources social change through videogames. By creating safe environments and resources for youth and adults invested in maker culture and videogames, we serve the belief that shared creation and education provides value to our community.

What does Pixel Arts do?

We are a social entrepreneurship dedicated to transformative change through community organizing and the imaginative potential of video games. We offer services dedicated to maker-based learning environments that support the building blocks of creative innovation and connected learning: play, make and design. We work from a participatory ethics to open source social transformation through inclusion, collaboration and knowledge sharing among diverse communities of engagement. Look for more about our informal and formal partnerships here!

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Upcoming Events & Calendar

July 27 & 28th. Youth Game Camp, Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm.
Portland YouthBuilders, SE Holgate Blvd. and 92nd Ave
Ages: 12-18

Sign up for camp information. Enrollment opens July 7th.

Youth will be able to participate in a "jigsaw" maker camp, picking areas of game development expertise they're interested in learning about and transitioning between them through the course of the weekend. Groups learn by making together in three learning pathways: art and animation, computer science and programming, and design.

For more information or volunteer opportunities, please contact our camp coordinator.

The Youth Game Camp is developed in program partnership with TechStart Education Foundation, Portland YouthBuilders, ChickTech, Free Arts NW, and the Portland Metro Stem Partnership Collaboratory and our K-12 STEM practitioner community.

Projects and Initiatives

Game Education and Creation Initiative

Gaming for Social Good
A community venture to crowd source games for non-profits and non-governmental organizations.

Pixel Play

A maker camp for youths in video games that offers hands-on learning opportunities in art & animation, programming and design.

Maker Places Initiative

An initiative to grow a networked community of maker places to share resources and support maker-based learning.


Game Education

A round up of game education foundations and institutes with links to learning materials and instructional design resources.

Maker Education

A round up of maker education organizations, centers and institutes with links to their programming and education services.

Local Game Communities & Maker Sites

A listing of local game maker community groups and more broadly maker spaces.

Research and Development

A beginners survey of current research to guide our practices and instructional design.

Game Education: Academic Resources Lists

An intermediate to advanced survey of current research to guide our practices and instructional design.